Best Fishing Books 2021 – Learn From the Pros and Catch More Fish

Fishing books are generally a dummies’ guide to learn all that is to know about fishing. Fishing is the type of sport where you need to get in the water to test it out. But it does not hurt to learn from others’ experiences. The best fishing books will give you enough insight on how to get the best bait, how to find out the best possible locations for fishing and other useful tidbits like that.

The best way to learn the art of fishing, like any other sports, is to through practice. But it is still fun to be on someone else’s shoes for a couple of hours and get to experience their journey. The fishing books have the ability to make a beginner feel more passionately for the sport.

It might feel like fishing is a gone sport that only attracts the grandpas these days. Even so, the fishing books are still read and collected by the fishing enthusiasts all over the world. You can treat your fishing books as you treat your others fishing tools, like reels, kayak or fish finder.

There are some classics out there which are still in demand and are a premium item. But things are changing rapidly and so are the methods. Sometimes the methods you see in a classic fishing book will not apply in recent times, simply because like all other things, the rules are changing even here.

There are many types of fishing books available in the market. They put emphasis on various things such as special sports like fly fishing or bass fishing. There are instructional manuals as well as novels on this topic. If you are a beginner, you will certainly feel more motivated and inspired to get more into the sport. If you are a veteran, you will surely like the idea of being in someone else’s shoes who has experienced the similar but different scenarios in their lives.

Best Fishing Books

How to Buy the Best Fishing Books

If you want to buy the best fishing books, it is best if you search in the used and collectible book list. But this place can be kind of messy. When you buy one, the first concern is the condition of the book. Compare it with other booksellers as well if it is a fairly common one. And the shipping cost should be added in your total as well. Basically, you need to do your research before you buy used books.

But keep in mind that older titles will not have comparable prices to the newer ones. This goes for older editions as well. But also remember that an old book doesn’t mean it’s a valuable one. While doing your research for the best fishing books, try to keep in mind to find out the quality from the reviews.

I will suggest you to keep hustling while you are on the search of finding the fishing books. Some books are worth buying on sight if the price is reasonable and affordable to you. Fly fishing and fly tying or older trout fishing books are some of the ones I will suggest you to buy on sight.​

Now I will review some of the best fishing books for your pleasure.

Informative Fishing Books for Increase Your Knowledge

1. Fishing for Dummies Review

As the title suggests, this is the book if you are a complete beginner. This is one of the classic ‘For Dummies’ books and like the other counterparts, this one is very enjoyable and helpful.

You are not going to learn and become a master of a certain sort (i.e. fly fishing) but this book has to offer many things to you as a beginner. You will learn how to be a good angler. You will also learn what gears you will need to buy for fishing. You will also learn about the fish species.


  • Very through guideline for beginners.
  • Even has cleaning to cooking instructions.


  • Not good for anyone looking to master a specific sport.

2. The Morrow Guide to Knots Review

This book in my opinion is a very valuable one to have at your bedside. You will learn things from the colorful and helpful instructions inside the book. They also have step by step guide for nearly every type of knots you can possibly make. With this book’s help, you will learn to be a knot master within a very short period of time.


  • Easy to follow instructions.
  • Can help in making you a knot master in no time.


  • Not helpful if you want to learn about other types of fishing gears.

3. Fishing Basics: The Complete Illustrated Guide Review

This is a good book for both the beginners and experts. The book covers a lot of gears used in fishing such as lures, rigs, fly tying, casting, ice fishing, baits as well as many others. The book has many colorful instructions inside to make it easier to understand for everyone.

I will suggest you to keep this book within arm’s reach for anytime you need to take a refresher, even if you are a veteran in fishing. You can also use this as a great example to teach a rookie if necessary.


  • Talks about all the fishing gears used in fishing.
  • Can be helpful for both rookies and veterans.


  • No remarkable cons.

4. Knowing Bass: The Scientific Approach to Catching More Fish Review

This is a book that teaches you about bass fishing. This is one of the best ones out there for this particular topic. The author of this book is very thorough in sharing his experience of a lifetime spent after this sport.

The study goes through a massive detail in the bass behavior. The book is very helpful to the anglers everywhere when it comes to bass fishing. The book will make one knowledgeable to catch more and more fishes.


  • Very thorough explanation of bass fishing.
  • Bass behavior more successful catches.


  • Book only follows one type of fishing sport.

5. The River Why Review

Most fishing books tend to be instructional ones with step by step guidelines to follow. However, this book is a wonderful coming of age novel. This book is now a classic in the entire literature world.

The book revolves around the ideas of fishing escapism, growing up and teaches the value of respecting the natural habitat. You can take this beautiful book with you in your leisurely fishing trips and lose yourself in a whole new world when the fishes are not biting.


  • Great novel that has now become a classic.
  • Beautiful plot that puts emphasis on the natural world.


  • None.

6. Fishing: A Guide to Fresh and Saltwater Fishing Review

This fishing guide is an updated version of the widely popular book for the beginner angler. This book is great for the true beginners and young anglers as it covers a wide range of topics that can make you learn the craft.

The book covers things such as, how to select bait, how to identify the fishes etc. It also has basics of how to land a fish and finally catch it. This book can be used as a reference guide as well by the professionals.


  • Great book to learn the craft.
  • Learning basics is fun and easy.


  • None.

7. The Greatest Fishing Stories Ever Told Review

This book consists of 28 great fishing stores. This is book that offers the most variety. This collection of stories has stories across different locations, waters and fish.

Some of the fishing stories will make you nostalgic by taking you back to your most beloved memory while some might inspire you to venture out even more. The book is very versatile and will ring a bell to every kind of fishermen, old and new.


  • Has a little something for everyone.
  • Great stories to inspire and motivate.
  • Stories will keep you entertained.


  • Not a practical guide book.

8. The Total Fishing Manual Review

This is one of the most essential guidebooks available for fishing. This guide is helpful for newbie as well as professional fishermen to help in learning to get the most out of their gear. This book has illustrations with many examples to learn from.

This is one great how to book that has one purpose. It is to help you in catching more fish. You will learn all 317 things about baits, flies, tackle, lures and equipment’s from this one book.


  • A complete guide book for every type of fishermen.
  • Can be helpful in learning techniques, strategies, locations etc.


  • None.

9. In the Kitchen with the Pike Place Fish Guys Review

This is a book with 100 recipes to cook fish. You can enjoy a hard day’s fishing work by eating and relishing your catch. But this book is more than just another cookbook. It explores one of the world’s most famous markets, the Pike Place.

This book will show you the hustle and bustle of that market. It will also teach you how to shuck an oyster. The book has beautiful photography inside. And it encourages the use of easy to follow recipes that inspires a sustainable approach to enjoy our catches.


  • Beautiful photographs of the famous fish market.
  • 100 recipes with easy to follow steps.


  • Not for you if you not into a different sort of cookbook.

10. The Old Man and the Sea Review

No fishing book guide is complete without the mention of this literary classic. Hemingway’s greatest book is an epic story of the age old battle between the man and the nature. This book shows you the great values you can learn from the nature.

The book has terrific highs and lows as the main protagonist continuously lay in between triumph and defeat. Granted, this is not a guidebook with practical lessons, but this is one book that can inspire a hundred years’ worth of passion. I think this is a must read for any fishermen out there, despite their interest and experiences.


  • A novel of epic proportions.
  • Great book to inspire and motivate the passion of fishing in anyone.


  • None.

Final Words

The best fishing books are far and many with many newer books getting added everyday but the classics still have something to teach us.

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