5 Best Fish Cookbooks 2021 – You Must Have in Your Kitchen

Looking for the best fish cookbook to guide you through different types of fish, fish recipes, salads and everything else you’d like to know about seafood? Well, the best fish cookbook should have delicious and innovative recipes for almost all types of fish, easy-to-follow instructions and writing that inspires and intrigues. In our hunt for the best cookbook options, here is what we found. We’ve made sure there’s something for everyone.

Best Fish Cookbooks

5 Best Fish Cookbook Choices Reviewed

Cookbooks are like written guides to provide you with direction when you need it. They come in handy when you want to try out different fish recipes. Therefore, finding a comprehensive fish cookbook with a mix of great recipes is essential.

PictureProduct Name
01Fish Without a Doubt: The Cook’s Essential Companion
02Afield: A Chef’s Guide to Preparing and Cooking Wild Game and Fish
03Fish: The Complete Guide to Buying and Cooking
04Fish & Game Cookbook
05The Best-Ever Fish & Shellfish Cookbook: 320 Classic Seafood Recipes From Around The World Shown Step By Step In 1500 Photographs

1. Fish Without a Doubt: The Cook’s Essential Companion

Featuring more than 250 simple and delicious fish recipes, this is probably one of the most comprehensive cookbooks to fish around. The book covers everything from updated versions of classics to the modern recipes, how to shop for fish and clean it. For ease of use, the recipes are arranged according to cooking method. So, you will get fish recipes that require broiling, grilling, poaching, frying, roasting and steaming to prepare.

In the book, you will also find chapters covering fish basics like salads, burgers, fish cakes, soups, appetizers and even pasta.

Besides, it includes recipes for different occasions from splashier occasions to weeknight   specials. In addition, the book contains a section for different side-dishes such as coleslaw.


  • check Compiled by a pair of experts in seafood
  • check Neatly organized making it easy to follow
  • check Takes the fear out of preparing fish anytime the craving strikes
  • check Does not include endangered fish
  • check Clear instructions and quality photos


  • check Some recipes may not be easy to follow if you’re an inexperienced cook

2. A field: A Chef’s Guide to Preparing and Cooking Wild Game and Fish

This book is written by Chef Jesse Griffiths who is well known for his strictly butcher shop in Austin, Texas. According to different testimonials, the images in the book are excellent and recipes are also easy to follow and mouthwatering.

The book contains both traditional and modern methods of butchering, hunting and preparing fish and game. However, it only contains 85 recipes which we feel are a little too few for the price. But hey, it’s all about quality, not just quantity here. In addition, it includes descriptive stories as well as photographs making it even more interesting to read.


  • check Offers new insight and methods for butchering animals
  • check Offers delicious recipes
  • check Well organized with every type of animal in its own chapter
  • check Beautiful pictures


  • check Contains limited number of recipes

3. Fish: The Complete Guide to Buying and Cooking

With more than 500 fish recipes, this cookbook promises to simplify the process of preparing fish that most view as difficult to manage in the kitchen. The recipes are based on 70 types of fish and shellfish which can easily be sourced in most fish stores and supermarkets.

Further, the book is organized using the A to Z format for easy referencing. In addition, it provides information about how every fish is sold (salted, steaks, whole), how the fish should look like, any other names it goes by and buying tips. Besides, it teaches you how to prepare, store and cook using easy-to-follow instructions.


  • check Most recipes can be ready in less than 30-minutes
  • check Includes health benefits of fish
  • check Covers a wider variety of seafood
  • check Directions are clear and easy to understand


  • check Does not include pictures

4. Fish & Game Cookbook

As the title suggests, this cookbook contains fish and game recipes. Whether you want to prepare wild or domestic game kabobs, stews, steaks, enchiladas, roasts, burgers or casseroles, there are more than 150 recipes in this book to help you.

Also, the book contains 4 major sections about different types of fish recipes such as trout, catfish, and perch. And every game and fish section includes cooking tips, cooking times, marinating, aging and reducing the gamey taste. But the best part is that it provides users with nutritional information about every recipe to help you know exactly what you’re eating.


  • check Easy to prepare recipes
  • check Contains nutritional facts for every recipe
  • check Recommended ingredients are easy to find in any store
  • check Affordably priced
  • check Very comprehensive


  • check No pictures

5. The Best-Ever Fish & Shellfish Cookbook

If you are looking to buy, cook and eat fish more sustainably, this cookbook can be a great investment. It contains around 320 classic seafood recipes from all over the world. The guide also covers some of the world’s best fishes and shellfish including how to buy and cook.

What’s more, the recipes are accompanied by 1500 beautiful photographs that make reading and understanding everything in the guide as easy as possible. In addition to the fish recipes, the guide includes plenty of appetizing recipes.


  • check Written by an experienced food writer and editor
  • check Relatively cheap
  • check Beginner friendly
  • check Well organized using the A to Z format


  • check Most of the recipes you can easily find on the internet for free

The Buying Guide- Which is the Best Fish Cookbook for You?

Fish cookbooks are far too easy to impulse buy especially if you’re head over heels for fish. But in buying any cookbook, there are some things you should always take into account to get value for money.

First off, you will need to consider the cookbook’s design and intuitiveness. If you are not good at cooking fish, then you need a book that contains easy-to-follow recipes. The ingredients for the recipes should also be easy to find in your local store.

In addition, you will need to consider how comprehensive the cookbook is. The last thing you want is to buy a cookbook that contains recipes which you can easily find on the internet for free.

Also, take into consideration how well the cookbook is organized. A well-organized fish cookbook makes it easy to find what you are looking for. Generally, most cookbooks are organized using the A-Z format for easy referencing.

Last but not least, if you are more of a visual person, consider buying a cookbook with high-quality photographs. Photographs not only make it fun to read the book but also easy to follow.


Sure, there are more exhaustive fish cookbooks out there, but these 5 options in this review hit the sweet spot between ease-of-use and affordability. Think of them as your slightly bossy friend who knows the answer to every fish recipe question you might have.

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